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Do you know the origins of the favor?

Make yourself comfortable, today we go to the sumptuous Court of France of 1700 where noblewomen used to search for the most beautiful boxes to keep sweet bon bons to donate on special occasions.

Alas, from iconic mother-of-pearl and gold objects exhibited by splendid ladies, over time they have changed their shape often becoming meaningless knick-knacks hidden inside old dusty cupboards.

As the best wedding planners suggest, however, it is precisely in the details that a successful event is built.

The wedding favor is a very important factor that must reflect the style of the event, the way of being of the bride and groom or the birthday boy and all the other details of the special day.

Leaving the choice aside at the last minute means being forced to opt for something impersonal, emptying it completely of its meaning that resides not only in the content but in the very importance of the gesture.

Real success is transforming something simple – like a box full of sugared almonds and chocolate confections – into a unique casket, personalized with a very specific message of thanks for the guests.

La Pelegrina offers wedding favors as it was used in the time of Queen Marie Antoinette, wonderful packages decorated with bows to contain the best sugars.

If you want to get an idea of ​​how wedding favors have evolved over time, take a look at our PACKAGING proposals

Not any mass-produced objects but very tasty and naturally good confetti that represent the good omen for all this will come:






The real traditional favor, the box of sugared almonds, can be combined with the most original ideas, such as green plants, soaps, bulbs to be planted or mini specialties to taste: honey, wine, flavored oil, tea, herbal teas, jams or biscuits.

We are of the opinion that to overturn the rules you have to know them.

And what do you think ? Are you inspired by tradition or do you prefer to take risks by opting for unusual attempts?

We are waiting for you !