how to organize a successful Sweet Table

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Over time, entertaining guests and moving the party has become more and more important.

Well set up corners with sweets, chocolate fountains, cigars, favors are now indispensable elements for a dynamic and successful event.

If once the cutting of the cake marked the end of the reception, today the Candy Table represents the sweet final for a new beginning.

What is needed to set up a Candy Table?

-Assortment of confections;

– Vases, jars, trays, stands, fabric bags and creative containers;

-Taste tags;


-Decorative elements such as flowers or candles.

How is it designed?

First of all, you have to imagine.

Close your eyes and project yourself into a perfect space of a happy day and take a good look at what surrounds you.

The atmosphere, the colors, the sounds.

If you are in a garden surrounded by nature, probably every detail will have a bucolic appeal:

a rough wooden table, moss, wild flowers, candlelight, small scattered bowls, some wrought iron backsplash and the crisp evening air.

Confections with the taste of flowers and berries, the simple desserts reminiscent of those baked at grandma’s house, the rosy shades, the scent of chamomile and mottled rose.

A perfect idyllic, rural and hopelessly romantic setting framed by Bluebells, Forget Me Not and soft green leaves.

Now that you understand what you want, it’s time to open your eyes and start designing it.

Get a blank sheet and a pencil. No, it doesn’t matter if you can’t draw.

Let yourself be guided by intuition and arrange the objects in a harmonious way, taking into account the spaces and respecting a mirror order. What is bulky – like tall pots – in the back, what is smaller – like trays – arrange it in front.

In practice, always try to maintain a certain alternation and distance the necessary to make the service easier.

In the center, reserve a space for the cake, a pyramid of sweets, a descriptive picture with the words “Sweet Table” or the favors.

Place the spoons and generously fill the containers with sugared almonds and confections, accompanying them with the taste tag that recalls the main ingredient or the theme of the event.

Embellish with seasonal flowers, a few bright lights, matching ribbons, two dispensers for cocktails or, if the quantity of sugared almonds allows, the cones to fill.

The game is done!
The secret is try to build a special and unique corner of its kind, capable of reflecting the people it celebrates and amaze the guests it is intended for.

And if you want to focus on the creative aspect, take a look at our kits with everything you need to set up a perfect sugared almond.

diy sweet table

See you soon with other ideas on elegant and never banal candy themes!