The Symbology of the Degree

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Whether it’s ribbons, accessories or confections, redis the color of the Graduation.

Do you know where this custom comes from?

In Roman times, famous people wore a red-bordered toga. This powerful color is the symbol of mental and physical energy that helps fight the quicksand of infusing liabilities extraordinary strength. Red affects the heart rate and blood pressure by stimulating vital rhythms. Furthermore, it is synonymous with:

– great passion;



In short, it is the color of those who want to make it.

Together with the touch, the classic square black hat of the graduate, conventionally represents the graduation. Yet, although red remains the symbol of the degree par excellence, over time each university has chosen a specific color.

The University of Cagliari has divided it as follows:

-White for Humanities;

-Red for Economic, Legal and Political Sciences;

-Dark Green for Biology and Pharmacy;

– Brilliant Green for Sciences;

-Black for Engineering and Architecture;

-Blue for Medicine and Surgery.

Finally, an inevitable accessory on graduation day is the laurel wreath.

In ancient Greece, every four years the Pythian games were celebrated in Delphi in honor of Apollo Pythio, killer of the snake Python, an oracle at a spring at the foot of Parnassus.
The winners of the poetic, musical, athletic and horse racing competitions received as a prize a laurel wreath picked in the Tempe valley and were entitled to place their statue in the Delphic sanctuary.

Inspired by the traditional rituals of the Roman world that saw it on the heads of triumphant generals and emperors, the poetic coronation was established in the Middle Ages.
Famous is the ceremony in honor of Petrarca who, with the laurel wreath placed on his head, receives the “Privilegium Laureae” on the Capitol, declaring that he accepts the honor of the laurel not only out of ambition but because his example is a stimulus for others .

The triumphalis crown was therefore the greatest honor and adorned people worthy of esteem.

There is a curious anecdote that you should always keep in mind.
The glorious General adorned with sacred laurel was followed throughout the parade by a slave who recited the phrase “memento mori” or “remember you must die”.
This is to remind you that glory is only a temporary step.

Whether you are celebrating a milestone or not, know that the situation could change soon.

In a constantly evolving world, however, there is something that never goes away:
the traditions that survive over time thanks to those who live by keeping their memory accessible.

Surprise with a tasty box of good luck confections and choose which symbols to adorn it with!