What are the confetti

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Dear friend, welcome.

Let’s start this journey into the world of ceremony etiquette.

The preparations are challenging, we often find ourselves alone juggling a sea of ​​commitments with the risk of underestimating some details or making drastic choices, penalizing the success of the event. There is only one thing that must always be kept in mind along the way.

There is no person who comes home from a party satisfied and grateful if time and money have not been spent to pamper and amaze her.

The secret is to make them feel not just a banal guests but a real guests, an integral part of your special day.


Think about it .

What memory do you have of that never-ending marriage in which – in your best outfit – you were forced to sit at the table for hours without the opportunity to chat or take a walk? Or, that Baptism for which you wandered seas and mountains in search of a special thought, impatient to participate in the party, and then not feeling the least considered.

Certainly you have admired the clothes, tasted the dishes, noticed the flowers, shared photographs, but what impressed you? What did you then talk to your friends about? At the end of the fair, the memory is linked to the attention that has been reserved for you, to the warmth, to the welcome; in short, how they made you feel.

The truth is, it’s the valuable details that make the difference.

So what are Confetti?

Confetti are a very powerful symbol.

Before even describing what they are made of, I absolutely have to share with you what they represent and what story they tell.

Although it may seem a passed tradition, just look around to understand that the confetti, from an all-Italian tradition, have crossed borders to be the most imitated wedding gift symbol of Made in Italy. A sign of elegance and gratitude, of that savoir-faire that distinguishes us and continues to represent Italian values ​​all over the world.

Confetti are iconic sweets of good luck and good omen, inevitable in any self-respecting celebration.

All that remains is to choose yours! For guaranteed success, take a look at our excellent artisan production.

Our mission is the true guarantee of uniqueness.