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We invite youto write to us for special requests, clarifications or curiosities.

Shipping info2020-11-28T15:11:53+01:00

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We ship loose sugared almonds or confections, tags, flavor tags, ribbons, tasting boxes, place cards, wedding favors and Sweet Table Boxes starting from 3 kg with fabric candy box.

In Italy, the cost of shipping is € 9.00. Free from € 200.00.

The shipping costs for orders from abroad, the amount is defined during the order creation phase.

The glass or ceramic fittings – available until exhaustion – can be collected on site and upon confirmation of the date.



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Our Confectrions are artisanal, they are produced from small batches of raw materials that we research with the utmost care and we use respecting the seasonality.

Our stocks are limited to offer a fresh, always fragrant and top quality product.

For large quantities, the production time must be considered.

We invite you to contact us by phone and make an appointment at least 30 days before the event in order to be able to serve you in the best possible way.

If you need free loan arrangements, reserve them as soon as possible by booking and ensure availability.

We are here for you even in the unexpected. Contact us and we will find the solution that can make your day unique, despite the short time available

How does it work2020-11-28T15:14:39+01:00

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  1. Welcome in our virtual living room. Be inspired by our proposals and browse our shelves to find the most suitable solution for your event: Loose Confetti, Confetti Packages for Sweet Tables, Sweet Boxes, Tasting Boxes);
  2. Fill out the form, write us an email, contact us by phone or make an appointment to be followed in the best possible way;
  3. Come and visit us or let’s talk if you are far away, to tailor your sweet table or design the boxes for your guests;
  4. Once the date, the quote and the deposit have been confirmed, the chosen setting will be yours (also valid for confectionery packages and flavors, available in limited quantities);
  5. We will check the drafts and carry out a tasting so that your favorite flavor is available on this special day;
  6. When you receive our confirmation email, the order will be ready and packaged for you, we are waiting for you to collect it and make you our best wishes.
  7. If you have purchased the Sweet Box, we will deliver the package and keep you updated on the shipment. Don’t worry, you will receive the confections, sugared almonds and all our support to prepare them perfectly.
How to store sugared almonds and confections2020-11-28T15:17:33+01:00

Confetti, like most foods, need to be stored in a cool and dry place.

The ideal temperature is around 18-20 degrees but it is possible to taste them throughout the year taking care to store them away from direct sunlight and humidity in dry and shady areas.

The secret to keeping both the flavor and the appearance intact is to avoid sudden changes in temperature by avoiding storing them in the refrigerator or in excessively heated environments.

La Pelegrina Confetti are artisanal products, therefore, it is necessary to keep them according to the indications in order to preserve their qualities for as long as possible.

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