We believe in successful gifts with a strong symbolic value, the result of a meticulous preparation that involves all the senses.
There is a big difference between a mass-produced product and a unique artifact, designed with grace and with a very specific intent.
Choose carefully the gift for your guests so that they will keep a wonderful memory and they will be happy to have this special day with you.

Create your custom favor

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The transparent

Simple and elegant boxes in different shapes and capacities that show  the finesse of the sugared almond.

The kind

Delicious multi-compartment tasting cases with a selection of our best confections.

The Exclusive

Personalized packaging with custom monogram and design.

The Soft

Delicate and soft bags in different colors and fabrics.

The Precious

Gorgeous rigid boxes covered in velvet and precious papers. Custom versions available with orders over 30 pieces. Customizable from thirty.
The best of luxury ceremonial confectionery.

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Business Gift


Surprise your employees with a precious tasting box of sugared almonds and dragées wrapped in the finest chocolate, personalized with your logo and accompanied by a wonderful card.

Reward your loyal customers with small packages filled with the best customized confectionary delights.

Stand Out

Don’t Approve. 

Gift Box

To welcome friends home after your baby is born,
Celebrate First Communion with the closest relatives. ,
Thank the guests who attended your graduation.

For dinner at a friend’s house, choose our selection of superlative delicacies.

scatola degustazione confetti
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“Details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.”

Make people feel special.


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